Grass Track

The following reports are from Adrian Harden. (Here goes) A quick update on how we have all been doing on the Grass track, Rob Pilcher did not do the Frittenden meeting on Monday25th May but did the Maidstone Aces on Sunday 31st May, Think this was Rob’s first time out this year, did well all day, by winning this meeting. Then Sunday 14th June at the G.T.S.A. meeting, Rob came second. So better luck next time out Rob, which he did at the Frittenden meeting on July 12th, so after only two meetings Rob is on 27 points in the Upright class, so well done Rob. Now what can I say about Brian Cornelius , Brian has done 3 meetings, the first meeting was at Frittenden Monday 25th May he got third place, then on 31st May got a 5th place, then on June 14th at the G.T.S.A. meeting he got another 5th place, sorry if I have got this wrong Brian, but I was doing my best to keep up with all that was going on, on the day ha,ha,ha, Now to myself I.E. Adrian Harden, not only have I been doing Grass Track I have also been doing Speedway, at Iwade and Lydd, on the Grass Track I did bank Holiday Monday 25th May and It was O/K, just missed out on a place in the Final. 31st May at the Maidstone Aces meeting I got 8th place, so it was still a good day for me, 14th June at G.T.S.A. meeting, much better one for me, 6th place, so I am getting there slow but sure ha,ha,ha,. Now on the speedway side, 19th April I was at Iwade and for the first time out this year it went really well for me, only to find out the engine was just about to go bang, so had to send it away to get done up before it did go bang, got this back from Dave Jessup after six weeks, then of to Lydd with it, did a club meeting they run there, with Graham Knowler, and man if I could ride a speedway bike like he does, then I would do better than I do, Graham still knows how to race a speedway bike after all these years, and it is nice to see him on the bike, so Graham how do you do it Mate, you will have to tell me when we are at Lydd for the Veteran meeting on Saturday 11th July, ha,ha,ha,.. (Well Roy hopes this helps.) I know Rob, Brian and myself are all doing the Frittenden meeting 12th July, the day after the Veteran Speedway meeting so think I am going to be a little stiff for work on Monday ha,ha,ha. How can I not forget John Pilcher, all I can say is welcome back to the Grass Track Mate, hope you have some good rides, and stay safe. At the Veteran speedway meeting Graham won all of his heats in the two valve class,then went on to win the final to become the 2 valve champion of 2015. well done Graham, it is nice to have a speedway champion in the Sittingbourne club, and someone I can ask about how to set up a speedway bike and try and get the bike to work better for me.I Adrian came 3rd in 3 races and 4th in the next two so I am getting there, well I would be if I let the clutch lever go when the tapes go up, and not sit on the line with the lever still in, when the others have all left the line. The Frittenden meeting 12th July Brian Cornelius, Rob Pilcher,,,,John Pilcher and myself, all from the Sittingbourne club, just like the old days Rob had a good hard days racing, he had 2nd ,3rd places, and 4th in the final. Brian Cornelius in the 250cc /350cc class7th and 6th place, in the final 7th place I think. In the upright class, he was only 1 point away from the final, so had to sit and wait to see if any rider could match his score. Now for John Pilcher in his first ride he came 6th, not to bad, seeing that he had not ridden for fifteen years, good to see you back John, in his second ride he dropped the bike, and damaged his knee once again and sold the bike, and gave it all up again. (Sorry to hear this news)Me Adrian I had really good day fast and well happy with the new bike the way it went, result 5th,6th and 7th place and only 2points away from making the final, I was happy with that, I think with two days riding and not much sleep, caught up with me. Very well done Adrian Harden, keep it coming thanks.

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