Club photos/event information(most recent bottom of page) China Farm - 2014

8th March 2015 - EKTC Presentation

Walker trial 2017 - Riders/results 2017 Walker

10/09/17 - Sittingbourne & D.M.C.C EKTC 10/09/17 Results

22/10/2017 - Sittingbourne & D.M.C.C Charity Trial 22/10/2017

10/12/17 - Sittingbourne & D.M.C.C EKTC 10/12/17 Results

04/02/2018 - Walker Memorial Trial Sunday 4th February 2018

22/04/2018 - Sittingbourne & DMCC Heel Farm Trial 22/04/18 Results

09/09/2018 - Sittingbourne & DIST.M.C.C EKTC Rabbit Bank

03/02/2019 - Walker Memorial Trial

2nd February 2020 - Walker Memorial Trial 02/02/2020

2nd February 2020 - Walker entries 2020(REVISED)

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We're a friendly bunch of people, and we would love if you could join us in our club. We run regular members' events throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn.

What's on at Sittingbourne and District Motorcycle Club?


18th October 2020 Charity Trial at Torry Hill ME9 0SP (details October TSM or - Charity/Practice/Fun event. Social distancing (self marking, groups of 3 riders) Entries on day(PRE-FILLED- IN form ONLY & strictly CORRECT cash or cheque)

What's been happening at Sittingbourne and District Motorcycle Club?

We run many events and club meetings throughout the year. So have a look at what we've been up to!